About me


Passionate about visual, UI, and UX design supported by 15+ years of related leadership experience for diverse types of organizations, from startups to corporations. Your organization would strongly value my proficiencies in leading teams, developing best practices and processes, and working on mission-critical products.

Over the course of my career as a Senior UI/UX Designer and Lead Visual Designer, my efforts included driving projects from conception to completion, which included collaborating with product management, engineering, marketing, and sales to ensure the development of stellar products. Furthermore, my responsibilities encompassed leading the design vision, developing guidelines, performing user testing, and working on data visualization. My employers have appreciated my strengths in verbal and written communication, ability to craft a story through visuals, and cross-functionally communicate with professionals from different disciplines.

Proudly, I…

Designed the first Color Nook reader for Barnes & Noble.

Redesigned the look and feel of a Cloud-service product and developed the security aspect of the product.

Determined the optimal way to display data to the user through data visualization.

Redesigned a portal for a Content Delivery Network.

Worked on an iPhone application for WebEx and WebEx Connect.